Sunday, October 30, 2005

Oh, My Aching Prostate

The Prostate Gland is part of the male reproductive system, it is the size of a walnut and sits behind the bladder. An inflammed or enlarged prostate can cause discomfort, sort of like sitting on a tennis ball and can give the sensation of having to urinate. This condition is called prostatitis. Once a male turns 45, he is likely to join the 50% of the male population that suffers from this condition. The most recent theory for benign prostate enlargement is a hormonal imbalance. Yes, men can get them too! Keeping the prostate healthy with proper nutrients and nerve flow is extremely important. A diet high in fiber helps to regulate hormone levels. Tomatoes contain Lycopene which can protect the prostate from harm. Pumpkin seeds are full of Zinc which is necessary for prostate function. Omega 3 fatty acids from fish and flax seed help with inflammation. Saw Palmetto is an herb that regulates the male hormones and fights inflammation. Spinal adjustments improve nerve flow to the prostate. And one last thing, medical research has shown that using the prostate gland on a frequent basis two to three times a week helps it to remain healthy and may prevent cancer.

Thought for the Week: " If one of you uses chiropractic properly and takes responsibility for your own health and starts eating properly and starts getting adjustments, not for pain, not from the manisfestations of symptoms, but because, "Doc, I want to know if I have maximum life coming from my brain to my body, please let me know and if not please fix it." If you can get that message and share it with other people, the quality of life is going to go up considerbly in this country." --- Jim Sigafoose, DC

Creaky Joints?

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. Osteoarthritis afflicts 40 million Americans and 80% of people over the age of fifty. OA comes from the wearing down of the cartilidge that protects the bones. It usually occurs in the joints that have the most "use", like the spine, fingers, knees and shoulders. For those of you who were told that weather changes do not cause arthritis symptoms to flare-up, wrong. The falling barometric pressure is directly related to what you feel in your "bones." Now that the general public has been made aware of the fact that arthritis drugs can kill you suddenly as well as slowly over a period of time, what can you do to help those bones and joints? The supplements, Glucosamine and Chondoitan Sulfate have been proven to ease symptoms and rebuild joint spaces. Omega 3 Fish Oil has the essential fatty acids that reduce joint inflammation. The digestive enzyme Bromelain and the herb, Ginger are natural anti-inflammatories. Ironically, arthritis sufferers usually cut back on activity, but moderate exercise has been proven to reduce pain and swelling. As far as the spine goes, regular chiropractic adjustments put motion in the spinal joints, reducing bone friction. This prevents accelerated arthritic changes.

Thought for the Week: Concerning the Bird Flu:

"Keep up with the news, so you can tell them what is really going on. Give them the chiropractic interpretation. Put stuff up in your office. Write op eds and letters to the editor. Have an event. Let them know that they have the Power - inside - to fight the flu or anything else. Let them know about the dangers of the flu vaccine, and the "anti-virals." My "Poison of the Month" is a flu "anti-viral, Symmetrol, which lists as a "Warning" (much worse than an "adverse effect") Suicide. Let them know that virtually every flu is a "bird flu." Let them know that there is no real evidence that this flu will become a pandemic. Let them know that the numbers of the real pandemic (1918) are now being exaggerated, and the proposed numbers for the "coming pandemic" are simply made up to create panic. Let them know that even the "experts" have figured out that, by the time it would take for enough vaccine to be cranked out (12-15 months), the pandemic would be over. Of course the vaccine would likely be for the wrong strain, as usual. And, it is estimated that it would be two to three years until enough "anti-virals" were produced.Let them know the real heroes of the 1918 flu pandemic.... us! Of those who were stricken by the killer 1918 flu, who went to doctors, here’s the numbers: those who went to M.D.’s, one out of 17 died. Those who went to osteopaths, one out of 36 died. Those who went to chiropractors, only one out of 886 died. Let them know, especially in time of crisis, what works, and what doesn’t. I suspect that they won;t read this in Time or Newsweek." ----Don Harte, DC San Francisco

The Nose Knows

A special smell can bring back memories of good times. The aroma of a freshly baked bread or cake may send you right back to childhood at grandma's house. The smell can make you happy and even feel better. This olfactory sensation is called aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is the use of certain essential oils that give off a distinct aroma. The aroma has healing properties. For instance, eucalyptus and menthol oil relieve congestion. Peppermint helps with headaches and nausea. The principle behind healing with smell, is that the odor goes through the nose, into the lungs where it is absorbed into the bloodstream, where they can work directly on tiny cells in the body. Essential oils can boost the immune system and help fight bacteria, viruses and other germs. Healthfood stores sell air diffusers that essential oils can be place in, the smell can then permeate your home, office or car. They also sell books about all the different fragrances available and what they are good for. In the office, you may want to spread the smell of lavender or chamomile, they are anti-stress oils!

Thought for the Week: "It would do most doctors good to suffer some of the pains they treat and then their sympathy for pain problems would gain another perspective. The doctor must understand that many patients he sees have been virtually pain free until the pain that brings them to the doctor and that the tolerance of pain is different in all people." ----- Fred Barge, DC.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


The fall season usually sends a portion of the population into their annual ritual of sinus trouble. Sinuses are cavities in the facial bones that are filled with mucus. The mucus warms the air and acts as a protective filter. When Sinuses can't drain properly, the mucus can become infected. Acute sinusitis is usually caused by a cold or allergies. Ideally, during an infection it is important to drink lots of pure water. Eating foods that aid mucus drainage is also helpful. Foods like horseradish, cayenne, garlic and onions can be used with a hot, bowl of vegetable, chicken soup. Flaxseed or flaxseed oil helps to reduce inflammation. Spinal adjustments will improve nerve flow to the sinuses and massage over the sinuses themselves can help them to drain better. Avoid dairy products as they create more mucus.

Thought for the Week: "Disease is a medical term for sickness. On the other hand, Dis-ease is a chiropractic term, meaning "not having ease." When the body is sick, there is a lack of ease. An incoordination, dysfunction or dis-order in the entire body. Chiropractors relate to the whole body, not an individual diseased part, like the physician."--Joseph Strauss

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Scary Underarms

Do you ever spend any time thinking about your arm pits? I know you must be careful about hygiene; washing and deodorising. But do you think about the actual underarm or axilla region itself? The underarm is made up of some of the most sensitive skin in the entire body, complete with thousands and thousands of pores. The average deodorant is made up of chemicals and toxic materials, such as aluminium that are rapidly absorbed into the body through the underarm. Aluminium is a toxic metal linked to Alzhiemers Disease. I am sure the other ingredients are just as harmful. While I am not condoning the shunning of deodorant, I am endorsing the all-natural deodorants that one can buy at the health food store. The deodorants offer long lasting protection, but do not contain the harmful ingredients that can be absorbed into the body through the underarm. If you would like to be shocked into action to purchase natural deodorant, just read the ingredients on the back of your deodorant. I am sure it will scare you.

Thought for the Week: " Treating from the outside of the body with pills and medications is as much nonsense today as it was in the past. Any benefficial effect it may have, will only be transient if the ultimate cause of the problem is not addressed. Repeated performance of a bad play, only makes it worse for the observer. When will man realize that the bad play continues over and over, the treatment from outside of the body with drugs and medications. Opportunity knocks impatiently at the chiropractor's door. Now is the time to open the door and allow the truth of our health philosophy to flow forth, that true health comes from within, not from drugs or medications."----Fred Barge 1994