Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Scary Underarms

Do you ever spend any time thinking about your arm pits? I know you must be careful about hygiene; washing and deodorising. But do you think about the actual underarm or axilla region itself? The underarm is made up of some of the most sensitive skin in the entire body, complete with thousands and thousands of pores. The average deodorant is made up of chemicals and toxic materials, such as aluminium that are rapidly absorbed into the body through the underarm. Aluminium is a toxic metal linked to Alzhiemers Disease. I am sure the other ingredients are just as harmful. While I am not condoning the shunning of deodorant, I am endorsing the all-natural deodorants that one can buy at the health food store. The deodorants offer long lasting protection, but do not contain the harmful ingredients that can be absorbed into the body through the underarm. If you would like to be shocked into action to purchase natural deodorant, just read the ingredients on the back of your deodorant. I am sure it will scare you.

Thought for the Week: " Treating from the outside of the body with pills and medications is as much nonsense today as it was in the past. Any benefficial effect it may have, will only be transient if the ultimate cause of the problem is not addressed. Repeated performance of a bad play, only makes it worse for the observer. When will man realize that the bad play continues over and over, the treatment from outside of the body with drugs and medications. Opportunity knocks impatiently at the chiropractor's door. Now is the time to open the door and allow the truth of our health philosophy to flow forth, that true health comes from within, not from drugs or medications."----Fred Barge 1994


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