Sunday, November 27, 2005

Flu vs 24 Hr. Bug

Contrary to what most people think, the flu is not the same as a 24 hour virus. The 24 hour bug can cause fever, chills, body aches, diarrhea and vomiting. While the flu does actively participate with these symptoms, the flu primarily starts with an acute upper respiratory infection. It is actually difficult sometimes to distinguish between the common cold and the flu. The big difference is that the flu attacks very quickly and can last a few weeks. In addition to the above symptoms, the flu can cause sore throats and a very dry cough. As with the common cold, there is no cure for the flu. The best course of action is to keep your immune system strong and healthy, by eating right, taking vitamins and getting enough rest. Chiropractic spinal adjustments increase resistance enzymes, enhance cellular repair and increase white blood cell production all important parts of a healthy immune system. If you do get sick, get plenty of rest, drink lots of water and take extra vitamin C, echinacea, oregano and elderberry which are all anti-viral in nature.

Thought For The Week: "We may never know how far reaching something we may think say or do today, will affect the lives of million tomorrow."----BJ Palmer, DC

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Eat right, or die trying

Vitamins are organic nutritional substances that are vital for life. Thus, the latin root word vita. Minerals are inorganic substances necessary for the function of vitamins. They are also a part of our tissues and fluids in the body. Organic means that the substances come from living things. Inorganic would mean not living, like a rock. Most vitamins cannot be made in the body, they have to be taken into the body in the form of food. The same goes with minerals. The saying goes, "you are what you eat" is pretty accurate. The body takes the food we eat and breaksdown the material into the nutrients we need to maintain function, repair our cells and supply us with energy. Poor food choices hamper our body's ability to be at its best. Not only that, but poor food choices and an inadequate supply of vitamins and minerals can lead to ill health and disease. The over abundance of junk food commercials on the television, increases our desire to consume high calorie, high salt, high (bad) fat, no fiber, low vitamin foods. These foods are not good for you, do not promote health and should only be consumed by people with a death wish. Once in a blue moon, it may be alright to have a death wish, but if you are not healthy or are overweight to begin with, forget about it. If you have a junk desire, healthy alternatives exist at every health market. They even make organic, 100% all beef, no chemical added Hot Dogs. Throw on some natural sourkraut with organic mustard on a whole grain bun and now you are "living!"

Thought for the Week: " The patient must be guided toward discovering the healing powers that lie within him. Faith in pills and eternal treatments can be replaced by faith in oneself. The billions of dollars spent for impotent over-the-counter remedies, for painkillers and tranquilizers, and for solace from physicians can be saved by a medical system which restores faith and hope not in drugs and physicians, but in each individual and his body." ----Dennis T. Jaffe, Ph.D

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Don't Be SAD

Are you sad? SAD as in Seasonal Affective Disorder. SAD is a condition that causes the symptoms of depression, loss of energy, carbohydrate cravings and an intense need for sleep. The cause of this disorder is the decreased amount of daylight during the dark winter months. Winter hours of sunlight only equal about eight hours as opposed to a possible sixteen hours in the summer. Lack of sunlight brings about a decrease in the hormone melatonin and increases the amount of our stress hormone, cortisol. This imbalance in body chemistry can lead to the above symptoms. If you suffer from SAD, the best thing you can do is avoid simple and refined carbohydrates. Eat carbs that come from oats, brown rice and whole wheat. Add lean protein to your diet in frequent intervals. Exercise increases the good mood endorphins that will help bring your hormones into a better balance. Try and get some sunlight. Yes, it is cold out, but the fresh air and sunshine will help cheer you up and increase melatonin production.

Thought for the Week: " Yes, chiropractic care works in all disease. Yes, I said all disease, but not every case. It is up to you doctor, to decide if it is a problem that chiropractic can be a benefit in, but remember do not judge the body's ability to heal itself to lightly. If nerve impingement occurs along the spine, then chiropractic care can be of help, regardless of the name of the disease. Do not be too quick to judge the body's innate healing capability."-----BJ Palmer, DC

Monday, November 07, 2005


Fibromyalgia is a condition of chronic muscle aches and pains with no known cause. Often times the pain of fibromyalgia is severe enough to cause a person to become disabled. Most of the time fibromyalgia sufferers also have chronic fatigue syndrome. Talk about a double whammy. Typically, digestive weaknesses, hormone imbalances and sleep disorders also accompany fibromyalgia. Diets high in sugar, meat, fried and junk food, as well as caffeine seem to aggravate the condition. The same with carbonated drinks. It is best to eat a diet high in vegetables, whole grains and omega 3 fatty acids to help fight this disease. Yogurt is also a big help. Magnesium is an important mineral and fibromyalgia patients have been found to be deficient. Successful treatments for fibromyalgia include chiropractic care, acupressure, massage and certain homeopathic remedies like Bryonia.

Thought of the Week: "It wasn't long ago dentists were perceived as bad teeth doctors. There was no reason or motivation to go to the dentist unless you had pain in your mouth. Perceived as just a notch above barbers, dentists were scorned, feared, and were only consulted as a last resort. it was time to see the dentist when treatment was thought to be less painful then the inflammation from dental neglect. Sounds a lot like chiropractic.....The highest calling of any doctor is to prevent what he or she treats." ---Bill Esteb

Chiropractic's philosophy of spinal hygiene, the correction of subluxations to improve function, prevent arthritis and enhance quality of life is no different then visiting the dentist on a preventative basis or, for that matter, having the oil changed on your car. Chiropractic is pro-active health care.----Dr. J