Sunday, October 29, 2006

You Eat, Therefore You Think

We know the old saying you are what you eat. In context, the food we take into our body determines the physical health of our body. But did you know that the food we take into our body also determines our emotions and moods? Emotional and mood activity are the direct result of biochemical processes that occur in the brain. Emotional brain activity is directly related to nutrients that are used for proper brain function. Man-made, chemically filled, processed food dismantles nutrients needed for the brain to properly do its job. That is why the consumption of junk food, artificially colored and preservative filled food can send an adult into a mood swing and cause a child to not be able to focus properly. The safest thing to do for the health of your body and your brain is to avoid processed food and fill your diet with natural, organic and fresh foods. As the almost 100 year old Jack Lalane says, " If man makes it, don't eat it."

Thought for the Week: "People are not resistant to new ideas as long as the new ideas fit into their old way of thinking." -- Reggie Gold, D.C.

Chiropractic Tip of the Week: "A couple of termites don't do much damage, but over the years they multiple and destroy the house. Subluxations are like termites, the time to correct them is as soon as they occur." -----Reggie Gold, DC

Chiropractic care corrects subluxations.

Ear Infections

Recent medical studies have proven what old time pediatricians and chiropractors have said for years, antibiotics are not an effective treatment for most childhood ear infections. While antibiotics are effective at killing properly diagnosed bacteria, they are not effective at correcting the cause of an ear infection. The reason being, is that most childhood ear infections are viral, not bacterial in nature. Anitbiotics do not work on viruses. The other reason antibiotics do not work at correcting the cause of ear infections is that a lot of ear infections are due to some sort of food allergy, such as dairy intolerence. Also, research has shown that fluid builds up in the ear, turning into an infection, when the eustachian tubes cannot drain properly. The cause? Tight neck muscles due to misaligned vertebra which can be caused by childbirth, playtime, sports or accidents. This is the main reason why chiropractic care is an effective procedure. If your child has an ear infection, the new medical reccomendations are to let nature take its course. 3-5 days and the ear should clear up on its own. If your child has reoccuring ear infections, a food alllergy or misaligned vertebra may be the culprit.

Thought for the Week: "If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole darn thing was started by a mouse."
-----Walt Disney

Chiropractic Tip of the Week: Everyone who sees a chiropractor, does it for one of three reasons. 1. To have their symptoms treated and / or diseases cured. 2. To have symptoms or diseases prevented. 3. To allow their bodies to work at maximum function, efficiency and health.

Which reason do you choose?