Saturday, November 19, 2005

Eat right, or die trying

Vitamins are organic nutritional substances that are vital for life. Thus, the latin root word vita. Minerals are inorganic substances necessary for the function of vitamins. They are also a part of our tissues and fluids in the body. Organic means that the substances come from living things. Inorganic would mean not living, like a rock. Most vitamins cannot be made in the body, they have to be taken into the body in the form of food. The same goes with minerals. The saying goes, "you are what you eat" is pretty accurate. The body takes the food we eat and breaksdown the material into the nutrients we need to maintain function, repair our cells and supply us with energy. Poor food choices hamper our body's ability to be at its best. Not only that, but poor food choices and an inadequate supply of vitamins and minerals can lead to ill health and disease. The over abundance of junk food commercials on the television, increases our desire to consume high calorie, high salt, high (bad) fat, no fiber, low vitamin foods. These foods are not good for you, do not promote health and should only be consumed by people with a death wish. Once in a blue moon, it may be alright to have a death wish, but if you are not healthy or are overweight to begin with, forget about it. If you have a junk desire, healthy alternatives exist at every health market. They even make organic, 100% all beef, no chemical added Hot Dogs. Throw on some natural sourkraut with organic mustard on a whole grain bun and now you are "living!"

Thought for the Week: " The patient must be guided toward discovering the healing powers that lie within him. Faith in pills and eternal treatments can be replaced by faith in oneself. The billions of dollars spent for impotent over-the-counter remedies, for painkillers and tranquilizers, and for solace from physicians can be saved by a medical system which restores faith and hope not in drugs and physicians, but in each individual and his body." ----Dennis T. Jaffe, Ph.D


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