Saturday, December 10, 2005


Do you have trouble sleeping? If you do, you are probably not talking about it. Insomnia is one of the top health problems in our country, yet only 10% of the population discusses the issue with a doctor. Almost every person on the planet has had a bout with temporary insomnia, but the real trouble begins with chronic insomnia. Chronic insomnia is the inability to sleep through the night. Insomnia is a problem because lack of sleep naturally leads to fatigue, but more importantly insomnia can supress the immune system, libido, and lead to depression, heart disease and headaches. Adults require at least eight hours sleep a night for optimum function and children and teens require even more. Here are some tips to help your body relax for a good nights sleep. Eat protein, like turkey, chicken or tuna before bed. These protein sources contain amino acids that release serotonin, which helps you sleep. On that note, whole grain, complex carbohydrates also help relax the body. Too little calcium and magnesium can lead to insomnia, the same with a vitamin B deficiency. Avoid eating or drinking foods with caffeine, alcohol and sugar. Chocolate two hours before bed is also a no-no as it contains caffeine and sugar.

Thought for the Week: "Saying you'll do something may take one kind of courage, but actually doing it requires a different type. Real bravery lies in deeds, not words."----Aesop


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