Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Ups & Downs and In's and Out's of Sea Sickness

Health Tip of the Week: Some psychologists say that sea sickness is partially psychological. They say that by thinking of different thoughts you can stop yourself from throwing up. I say, that some psychologists have never been on a small boat in rough seas. A wonderful thought may delay throwing chum over the side of the boat, but thoughts alone aren't curing a bout with sea sickness. Motion sickness results when the brain receives wrong information about the environment. The info is sent from the senses in the body to the inner ears and then processed by the brain. The problem is when there is a difference between what our inner ears sense and our eyes see. This creates motion sickness. It is very tough to stop sea sickness once it starts, but you can keep it at bay by following some useful tips. Avoid bad odors, don't smoke, think "good thoughts" (yeah, right), don't help other sea sick people, (it's not contagious, but watching others can bring it on), travel in the dark (if you can't see the ups and downs ,it helps), fresh air, and sit still (motion is the problem all ready). Ginger root is a very effective remedy, as our dry crackers and acupressure wrist bands. Once you get on dry land, your problems will clear up immediately.

Thought for the Week: "That which can be foreseen can be prevented." "It is unfortunate that so few appreciate from what small causes diseases come from." -- Charles Mayo, M.D. (Mayo Clinic)


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