Monday, July 25, 2005

Beat the Heat

Health Tip of the Week: A recent and current string of high temperatures have reminded me that it is time to write about heat exhaustion. Many people are out in the hot sun, gardening, fishing, golfing, running or just laying on the beach. Heat exhaustion is a condition when excessive fluid loss results in a rise in body temperature. Symptoms include, thirst, loss of appetite,, headaches, dizziness, clammy skin and nausea. To prevent heat exhaustion drink plenty of water and keep an extra supply close at hand. Eat more fruits and vegetables (high water content). Electrolyte drinks, like gatorade are helpful, but better if diluted with water to cut down on the sugar. Alcohol, caffeine and smoking all dehydrate the body and contribute to heat exhaustion. Wearing a hat is also very helpful as the head's blood vessels are close to the skin and they tend to gain or lose heat quickly.

Thought for the Week: In 1957, BJ Palmer, developer of Chiropractic, laid down the principle, "Above down, Inside out versus Outside in, Below up." This principle meant that the intelligence of the body flowed from the brain downward, from the inside of the body outward. True health came from the inside out, as opposed to medicine, which treated the body from the outside in.


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