Sunday, July 10, 2005

Are you labeled?

Labels are funny. Especially in healthcare. If a condition has a label or name on it, the chances are there is a drug for it. Case in point, osteopenia. Osteopenia is a mild bone density loss. It is often associated with normal aging. As we get older, our bones become less dense. Unfortunately, because it is a scary name..."Osteopenia," you get a drug. The fact of the matter, dispite the many wonderful (sarcasm) drug commercials on the television, you don't need a drug. Keeping our bones healthy and strong is actually a lot easier than it sounds. Exercise increases bone density, especially resistance training. Resistance training can be with weights and rubberbands, anything you body has to "fight" against. Walking and jogging is also good for the bones. 1500mg a day of calcium will keep the bones strong. Foods high in calcium are Leafy green and dark vegetables, nuts, salmon, dairy products and even fortifed orange juice. To ensure you are getting enough calcium, take a supplement. Calcium carbonate is probably the best absorbed calcium (other than real food). The third most important thing you can do for your bones is make sure you are getting enough vitamin D. Vitamin D is responsible for making sure the calcium is absorbed in the body. Most of our vitamin D comes from the sun. Salmon is high in Vitamin D and so is Cod-Liver oil. Smoking, caffeine, salt, alcohol and phosphorus from SODA, all deplete the calcium from the body.


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