Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Knee Bone is Connected to the Thigh Bone

An estimated 50 million Americans suffer from knee pain. The knee, one of 187 other joints in the body is probably the one that has the most demand and stress placed on it. The knees were not designed for all the "weird" things people do to them. Walking, running, bending Yes. Football, squatting, soccer, kneeling, step climbing No.
Here are some tips to help save all the wear and tear and stress on the knee joint. Lose some weight. 10 lbs overweight equates to 60 lbs your knee has to carry around. Each pound you weigh is multiplied by six in stress placed on the knee. Try a lotion like Bio-Freeze for knee discomfort. The herbs and ingrediants produce a comforting heat, which eases the pain. The lotions are not a cure, just symptom relief. Exercise is probably the best remedy. The muscles and ligaments are what holds the knee together. Stronger muscles provide you with a stronger knee joint. Try flexing the thigh muscles without moving the knee joint. Sit on the foor with you knees and legs straight. Squeeze your thigh muscles tight and release. Repeat over again 15-20 times. Lastly, try trigger point pressure. Place your thumb about three inches above your knee cap on the front of your thigh. Press your thumb down with a good amount of pressure for about 20-40 seconds. Then release and do it a couple of more times. Take care of your knees. The age of bionics is not yet upon us.


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