Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Kojack, not!

Hairloss is not a popular topic with males. I know I am sensitive to it, so don't mention the growing empty spot on the back of my head. Hairloss in general is called alopecia. Men can lose their hair from a variety of reasons. Heredity, hormones and aging all play a factor. Women can also suffer from hair loss. This usually occurs after menopause and or during the last few months of pregnancy. Other factors that influence hair loss in both sexes could be from stress, poor circulation, poor diet and vitamin deficiency. For healthy, happy hair it is important to make sure your hair is getting the proper amount of nutrients. Unsaturated fatty acids (think omega 3's: Fish oil, flax seed oil) is very important for healthy hair. The B vitamins also play a crucial part in hair growth. One reason people could suffer from hair loss is clogged pores in the scalp. A scalp brush from the dermatologist can help clean and invigorate the scalp which may lead to renewed hair growth.


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