Thursday, March 31, 2005


Fiber, found in many foods, is usually the indigestible portion of food. What's so good about something that is indigestible? Fiber cleanses. As waste is eliminated, fiber drags along all the junk that accumulates in the intestines. This action is very beneficial to a healthy colon. In addition, fiber can help to stabilize blood sugar levels and help to lower cholesterol. The national diet of the average American is largely lacking in fiber. The refining of many foods has removed the natural fiber covering. There are six main forms of fiber. Here we go: 1. Gums. Gum regulates blood sugar and are found in oatmeal, beans and seeds. Not Juicy Fruit or Bubble Yum. 2. Pectin. Pectin is fruit fiber. 3. Cellulose. Cellulose is the non-digestible part of vegetables and some fruits like apples. 4. Hemicellulose is the fiber found in lettuce and other leafy vegetables. This type of fiber is very good for weight loss. 5. Bran is the most popular fiber and is frequently added to many baked foods and cereals. Bran is known for its legendary prowess in helping to have a bowel movement. 6. Lignin is the fiber that helps to prevent gallstones and lower cholesterol. Lignin is found in whole grains, nuts and potatoes.