Sunday, February 12, 2006

Muscle Cramps

Muscle cramps feel like an increasingly, tightening knot in a muscle. Muscle cramps most commonly occur in the calves, feet, abdomen and thighs. The muscle contracts and squeezes until you scream. If the muscle does not relax, neither does the pain. When a cramp occurs, the trick is to do the opposite action with the muscle. For example, when the calf cramps, the foot extends. To ease the cramp, pull the foot or toes toward the body. This stretches the muscle. Most muscle cramps occur from a mineral imbalance or deficiency. An imbalance or lack of calcium, magnesium and potassium are usually the culprits. A lack of Vitamin B can also contribute. Eat foods high in these minerals, like yogurt, green vegetables, whole grains, nuts and apples, bananas and tomatoes. Electrolyte drinks will help in the short term, but are not good to rely on because of their high sugar content and artificial ingredients.

Thought for the Week: "One man with courage makes a majority." -- Andrew Jackson


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