Thursday, November 21, 2013

Chiropractic Helps Stop Bedwetting

By adjusting the sacrum, innate intelligence is able to restore normal communication between the brain and bladder.

Chiropractic Helps Stop Bedwetting

In just over 8 years of practicing, I have had the privilege of rendering Chiropractic care to several children that were afflicted with chronic bed-wetting syndrome. These children at the time of consultation ranged in age from 6-12 and were most frequently boys. In all of these cases I found that there was lack of proper motion in the child's sacrum or tailbone. These children also reported feeling pain and tenderness when the tailbone was palpated. Nerves that come from the sacral area go to the bladder, and I was able to help every one of these children overcome their embarrassing problem. By adjusting the sacrum and restoring normal range of motion, innate intelligence was able to restore normal communication between the brain...Read More


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